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We Are


Who We Are

As a consultancy that has grown up inside Africa, Djembe Consultants is passionate about telling Africa’s story – and committed to supporting its future development.


The African market has enormous growth potential. From communities to corporations, we are here to play a role in helping realize this potential.


Our vision is to become the communications partner of choice for Africa and beyond. Our ability to deliver on this promise comes from local market know-how, creative insights, cultural understanding and research-driven strategies. These are best-in-class services garnered from decades of cumulative international experience and a rich and powerful understanding of Africa’s story.


We believe that breadth and depth go together. We have built an international network with roots that remain deeply engrained in Africa.

Our principles guide us towards:

  • Operating transparently and inclusively with organizations and communities
  • Respecting cultural, social and economic diversity
  • Enhancing our work through an energetic passion for positive change and unstinting professionalism
  • Playing an active part in society to help create equal opportunity

Our Team

We are an organically grown team that spans sub-Saharan Africa with offices in several key African markets. This rooted African presence is complemented by an international network of in-house specialist communications consultants based in developed and emerging markets. Together, these strands work hand-in-glove, providing organizations and people with the benefit of country-specific African cultural authenticity, global geographical reach and up-to-date skills and standards.