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Having worked extensively with private, government and public sector organizations in Africa, we have gathered significant insight and understanding of the African markets. This intellectual property helps us to build an accurate picture of how the African story is unfolding: from the challenges faced by African entrepreneurs, the impact of COVID-19 on media consumption and the innovation ecosystem in Africa, to the complex relationships between citizen, government, and multinational organizations.

Djembe Insights provides us with a platform to share these insights so that all stakeholders invested in Africa’s future can benefit from the knowledge and intelligence that we have of this extraordinary continent.

Djembe Insights Report on Building a Resilient Innovative Africa

Our latest report was developed in partnership with AfriLabs, the largest pan-African network of technology and innovation centres across Africa, as a tribute to the region’s innovation spirit and youthful ingenuity and to provide policymakers and stakeholders with insights and an understanding of the realities of the innovation ecosystem across the continent during a time of unprecedented global crisis.

To understand the impact of COVID-19 on those whose ideas and ingenuity help us find solutions, create jobs, and stimulate economic activity, we surveyed over 1,000 entrepreneurs, innovators, and start-ups across the region. The report combines their insights with the unique perspectives of some of the continent’s most experienced and informed social and economic experts and commentators including African Union Commission, African Development Bank, Mastercard Foundation, Honoris United Universities and UN Women amongst others.

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Djembe Insights Report on news consumption amidst COVID-19

As COVID-19 has unfolded, regular updates from national governments, the World Health Organization and other bodies have dominated the news agenda. We wanted to explore how the coverage of an event that has changed the course of history and affected the entire world’s human population, continues to impact how people consume news, how they interact with each other on social media platforms and how they feel about what they are being told from traditional sources. The changes in attitude towards and consumption of news during the age of COVID-19 has profound implications for how organizations engage with key stakeholders within the context of the new norm.

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This report sets forth a framework for approaching the most important economic issues for Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The analysis and commentary of the report is derived mostly from those who are central to sustainable job creation—young entrepreneurs who are starting and running businesses within the continent.

Through analysis of data from 4,000 people between the age of 16 to 40, the report discusses the value of entrepreneurs, the challenges and opportunities inherent to entrepreneurship in SSA, and in-depth insights garnered from each of the markets surveyed (Angola, Ghana, Mozambique and Nigeria).

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