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Much of our work revolves around the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa. We understand how crucial entrepreneurship is in resolving issues of poverty, gender inequality and skilled employment. Our work with Hubs, as drivers of innovation, social change and economic opportunity within the continent, has allowed us to meet, engage with and promote some of Africa’s best and brightest innovators and entrepreneurs.

Our network of Hubs has formed a crucial part in implementing highly strategic and successful campaigns for key clients including the Zayed Sustainability Prize the Innovation Prize for Africa.

Therefore, if you run, invest in and are developing a Hub, or you actively support the African innovation ecosystem, do get in touch with us to discuss partnership opportunities.

Partnership in Focus

We work in partnership with Soronko Academy – a social enterprise that provides young people especially women and girls, with skills to help prepare them for the future of work, bridge the gender gap in technology and become economically independent.

With their flagship program, Tech Needs Girls, which teaches girls from 6-18 years to code and create technological solutions, Soronko has trained over 5,500 girls in eight regions across Ghana and also in Burkina Faso.

We are delighted to support Soronko Academy with a range of communications services – helping the organization to engage with the widest possible audience of stakeholders in Ghana and across the continent.

Partnership in focus

Djembe Insights

Having worked extensively with private, government and public sector organizations in Africa, we have gathered significant insight and understanding of the African markets. This intellectual property helps us to build an accurate picture of how the African story is unfolding: from the challenges faced by African entrepreneurs to the complex relationships between citizen, government and multinational organizations.

As an African-born, international consultancy, Djembe can deliver culturally and economically insightful research to serve our client’s best interests as the Africa story continues to evolve.