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Communications with the media and the public are crucial to public relations for the brand identity of companies. Hiring agencies offering the best PR and communications in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA region) is therefore essential for brand management.

Given Djembe Consultants expertise and knowledge of communications in the Middle East region, here are pointers to look for when you are about to hire a PR and Communication services.

  1. Acquired Expertise in the Field

 Companies often deal with industry-specific PR firms to find their brand’s voice and reach their target audience. They also have commercial connections and may suggest the ideal media to build partnerships and promote your band for investments in Africa.

These PR agencies are experts in crafting brand language and positioning statements. Therefore, you don’t have to explain everything, which will save you time.  All you need is to look for the best PR and communications in the Middle East & North Africa.

 Choose a Communications agency whose team has an extended network, credible interest, and commendable experience in your field. Find people eager to contribute to your firm’s success by doing this.

  1. The Right Size

Public relations agencies can vary significantly in size. See if you can locate one comparable in size to your own business. A smaller firm will be more accommodating to your demands as a startup. It can help with:

  • Reduced pricing
  • Faster response times to your messages and calls, and
  • More time to strategize and work directly with you

Likewise, you might want to approach public relations firms that deal with larger companies and provide more services if your company expands.

  1. Workplace Relationships

Meet various public relations agencies and try to get to know their staff and the culture they imbibe. This will give you a better idea of their compatibility with your team and their expertise. Consulting with them is a good idea for your communications, sales, and marketing staff since they will work closely with your team. Pick a public relations agency that is professional, polite, and enthusiastic about sharing your company’s story.

The most trusted and reliable PR & Communications Agency in Africa and Middle East

Djembe Consultants, named after the West African drum, is an innovative, organically grown communications firm. Our Consultancy aims to magnify the business story of its clients based on partnership, innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth in the African and Middle Eastern contexts.


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