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Riding the wave of entrepreneurship is daunting, but employing the right strategies can make capturing the rising possibilities a breeze. And that’s the most cliché thing every budding or seasoned entrepreneur gets to hear, especially in Africa 

Entrepreneurial zeal and strategic guidance are undoubtedly important, but they are certainly not enough to drive sustainable business growth. From bustling marketplace to innovative tech startups, communication is a non-negotiable variable for entrepreneurs to prioritize.  

Here are 5 reasons why every business in Africa needs communications to scale: 

  • Shape customer perception of your business 

The meaning and perception of a brand lies not with the company itself but with its consumers. Brand strategist Marty Neumeier states, “A brand is not defined by what you say it is, but by what your customers say it is.”  

Thus, joining forces with the best communications consultants in Africa can help companies influence brand perception through marketing and messaging; ultimately, the consumers will decide what that brand means to them.  

  • Cut through the noise 

In a metropolitan area, most Africans are exposed to thousands of offline and online advertisements daily, clearly showing that the marketplace is too noisy. Standing out from all the competing messages is only possible when you have a well-executed communications strategy that emphasizes their commitment to community development and sustainability.  

A seasoned PR and Communications Consultancy in Africa is the compass you need to navigate Africa’s diverse markets by creating a unique brand voice and communication strategy for your business to stand out.  

  • Accessing Local Insights 

Africa’s markets are in constant flux. To thrive, you need the latest data and trends at your fingertips to enhance innovation and development. The best communications and PR consultants in Africa don’t just provide communication services; they are your window into the ever-evolving African landscape, helping you grow and scale.  

  • Expand your reach to the untapped market 

A Social Sprout report suggests that 64% of consumers prefer brands that build a connection with them, but for entrepreneurs to reach new markets, they need more than a roadmap. A strategic communications plan devised by Djembe Consultants, a leading and the best PR and Communications Consultancy in Africa, can help finetune their business communications. 

  • Building Trust and Credibility 

Trust is the cornerstone of doing business in Africa. Research shows that nearly 80% of African consumers are more likely to buy from companies they trust. But trust isn’t built overnight – it comes from effective, strategic communication over time. 

As African enterprises grow and evolve, communication has never been more vital. It goes beyond transmitting information. True communication fosters meaningful connections, nurtures credibility, and fuels business expansion across the continent. 


Chitra Rawat

Whitevox, Project Manager- Internet Marketing

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