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Storytelling is a powerful force that connects people most incredibly in everyday interactions. Human beings are storytelling creatures, and the most sustainable relationships around us are often formed when people share their stories. When a brand tries to create its identity by aiming to build relationships with customers in the marketplace, the art of storytelling tends to be the most veritable approach to drive such an initiative. That is why the brand story is an indispensable part of business growth in today’s world.  

Djembe Consultants, a leading PR and Communications in the Middle East and North Africa affirms that about 92 % of consumers want to see brand advertisements that feel like stories. It has been proven that compelling stories work effectively in enthralling the attention of people to brands and creating engaging relationships. No wonder, storytelling forms a crucial part of the overall strategy regarding CommunicationsPublic Relations, and Innovation and development in Africa  

Why is storytelling important for brand growth?  

 There are several reasons why storytelling is increasingly becoming pivotal to drive sustainable brand growth. 

  1. Stand out from competitors

In a modern world where businesses can be found everywhere, brands can no longer afford to be faceless entities. A successful brand needs to create a long-standing relationship with its users. Good and unique storytelling can offer great advantages to brands and set them apart from their competitors. With customers’ attention spans decreasing with each coming day, a good story helps to establish a long-term relationship with your audience and succeeds in evoking their emotions 

  1. Create customer loyalty  

After attracting customers, making them loyal to the brand is the next big task. A loyal customer base protects the company from sudden losses and dips in growth. Research shows that storytelling makes the analysis of data and facts easier to recall.   

To ensure that customers remember a product or service, a brand needs to consistently create engaging stories. This should be reflected in brand advertisements, brand packaging, and other forms of communication directed to customers.  Since 84% of customers like to buy from brands that they have an emotional connection with, storytelling is an all-important strategy to build on. It enables the brand to appeal to the customers’ minds with success.  

  1. Create profits by being human

Appealing to emotions is one of the strongest ways of making profits in the marketplace. The more customers see your brand as solving their needs and developing human connections with them, the greater the chances of having them buy from you. The growing processes of Innovation and development in Africa have created markets where brand storytelling is easier today—one that easily translates to profitability.   

Leading PR and Communications Companies in the Middle East and North Africa believe that storytelling is the next step to sustainable growth, as it organically expands brand-user relationships.  This is where branding and marketing agencies can help companies create successful brands by creating stories through different means including ads and promotions. At Djembe Consultants, we help brands achieve maximum growth through cutting-edge communications and PR services, and crafting brand stories is one of our strongest fortes.   


Chitra Rawat 

Whitevox, Project Manager- Internet Marketing 

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