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An effective public relations strategy involves more than merely announcing a new product or holding a charity event. In Africa, driving branding with PR requires significant additional effort for the campaign to succeed. Most thriving businesses in the continent often approach PR agencies to assist them with these strategies, and Djembe Consultants—arguably the best PR agency in Africa has continued to position and elevate brands for growth.  Some of the ways the Communications and PR Consultancy has helped businesses maximize growth include:  

  • Building branding strategies that increases sales  
  • Garnering reputable and favorable coverage for its clients in national media and international media, and   
  • Fostering goodwill for your brand over the long term.   

Here are ten quick strategies that can help your next PR campaign soar.  

  1. Set KPIs

Having a broad end in mind is a good place to begin. To what end are you doing this campaign? Are you committed to expanding your fan base? Do you want to boost product sales? Are you in for reputation management and the enhancement of your brand’s public image?  

After choosing a broad goal, narrow it down: which product do you want to sell more? What perception should consumers have of your brand?  Assess your time, money, and deadline needs. Planning your campaign with an end goal in mind allows you to measure success more precisely.   

  1. Recognize your target demographic

Every public relations plan needs a target audience. Tailor your content to your audience. Know where to contact them, understand their needs, and create a measurable strategy that will convert them into becoming customers. Notable social media spaces such as LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram and Facebook, including other specific physical events could be great platforms to find the sort of audiences that will serve your brand’s needs.   

  1. Select the Appropriate Medium

Once you know the targeted customer, choose the best media to deliver your message. This can be via social media or the traditional media. Consider if your brand needs a press release or news conference to announce its campaign. Use data to assess the performance of your activities while planning your way to success.  

  1. Employ empirical evidence

Use data and research to discover the best strategy to communicate with your target audience to ensure success. As the best PR agency in Africa, Djembe Consultants use retrospective campaign analysis and other modern-day cutting-edge analytics to evaluate campaign outcomes and improve on future efforts.   

  1. Be open-minded

Despite being segmented, target markets vary greatly. This means you must be open to flexibility by tweaking your plans accordingly. Your public relations plan must address your target audience’s requirements and interests to connect with them and increase your brand’s reputation.    

  1. Know your competitors

Alongside employing research and data, a firm can also benefit from evaluating successful initiatives conducted by its competitors. There is no harm in replicating your competitors’ ideas and success stories with your brand. Knowing your competitor’s plans and next moves gives you the opportunity to plan even better and ahead. You can also spin their ideas and test them with a different demographic and on social media platforms.  

  1. Make connections with media professionals

This technique takes longer, but it is always good to build media relationships early in your campaign. Find journalists who cover comparable stories instead of sending your story to a generic news department. Contact reporters by phone, email, or social media platforms to pitch your story and build a relationship that could lead to future coverage of your company.  

  1. Compose a company blog post 

If your marketing works, more people will visit your site. Take advantage of the attention they give to your brand by creating a blog with informative and educational materials about your products and services. With this, your brand has the capacity to stand tall as a leading brand in the industry it plays in  

As the best PR agency in Africa, Djembe Consultants uses the best public relations methods to raise clients’ profile and enhance its standing in major markets in Africa and the Middle East. As a brand, having a wide range of PR tactics at your disposal will improve the growth parameters and effectiveness of your business.  


 Chitra Rawat   

Whitevox, Project Manager- Internet Marketing  


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