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Every brand needs a different persona. An experienced African PR Agency knows this and builds a communication strategy based on this concept. Given the evolving innovation and development in Africa, the scenarios keep changing on the continent. The competition in education, IT and e-commerce is growing.  

Along with this, the consumer profile has also undergone a vast change. The number of youth and women has grown by a good percentage. The entrepreneurial spirit in Africa has given a boost to the start-up culture. This kind of innovation and development in Africa requires brands to evolve with time and develop a PR strategy that will help them survive in the cut-throat competition.  

Plugged-in brand strategy  

An enduring brand image starts with a strategy which adapts to situations. This in PR language is called having a ‘plugged-in brand strategy’.   

Competition Landscape 

The competitors of a brand might not remain static. Since the competition landscape changes, so should the communication strategy. Competition among B2B clients is different from the competition in B2C. So, applying a one-size-fits-all strategy will not work.   

Media landscape  

The Media is an industry and has continued to evolve. While print media was thriving once upon a time, today, digital media is ruling the roost. Making the best of media requires pitching messages in the most appropriate way. An experienced African PR agency will evolve its communication strategy according to the media landscape. An understanding of the media landscape will help brands in utilizing the communication channels. To reach the target audience in a well-informed manner, an experienced African PR agency ought to know popular communication channels within the electronic, digital, and print media. The agency should have relevant data on readership and television rating points.  

Customer profile  

Customers happen to be one of the biggest stakeholders of a Business to Customer (B2C) client. Understanding the customer profile is an important aspect of  PR exercise. PR agencies who have a clear understanding of the customer demographics will have a strong standing. They will be able to build an authentic connection with the audience.   

Client profile  

Engaging in advertisements and emails will require an understanding of the clients. A robust PR strategy will require researching the backgrounds of the clients. A communication strategy backed with this data will be more effective.  

Dependence on performance metrics  

Judging the success of a PR campaign requires objectivity. There are established key performance indicators which will show whether a PR campaign has been able to build a positive brand image or not. Performance metrics for print media and digital media differ. Website traffic is a quantitative metric used for the digital medium. In electronic media, the effectiveness will depend on the communication channel chosen.   


It is possible to leverage public relations for a positive brand image, but building a brand reputation will require a PR agency to evolve tactics according to the media landscape. The agency should also depend on performance metrics to show that it has achieved success in its campaigns.  

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Chitra Rawat 

Project Manager — Internet Marketing, Whitevox 

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