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Be it Africa or any other part of the world, public relations (PR) services are widely in demand. No wonder a PR and communications consultancy holds a major say in carving out a positive brand reputation for an organisation among its potential clients.  

The task of these PR and Communications consultancies goes way beyond press release distributions. They are responsible for spreading the latest scoops about a product launch, an innovative service, branch expansion, and every such event through different means on behalf of their clients. These consist of digital marketing modes, virtual press conferences, webinars, social media Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, and much more. Hence, if you are doing business in Africa as a native organisation or an overseas company, singling out from among the best African PR and communications consultants would be a smart decision. 

Doing business in Africa 

If you are just about to start your business in Africa or want to extend your clutch further in the continent, you may have a few questions in mind – ‘‘Is it a great idea to start or expand your business in Africa?’’ ‘‘How do I get started?’’  

Do you know that there are 55 countries in Africa? Each of these nations have diverse cultural, economic and political inclinations. And most of them have exceptional potential for growth in the coming years. A list of high-profile global businesses finds Africa as a fertile ground for investments.  This is because of the enormous opportunities that abounds in the continent. Africa remains untapped in assorted market segments, and avenues for businesses to make exponential financial gains have continued to open. 

Here are a few factors that prompt businesses to invest in Africa, such as:  

  • Significant void between the demand and supply for services and goods 
  • Scope for improvement in the infrastructure domain 
  • Immense options to create jobs and reduce poverty  

With the help of the best PR in the continent,  organizations are gaining a substantial foothold in the African markets to capitalize on all these avenues. Having defined the burgeoning rise of several brands, Djembe Consultants sits atop as the most reliable and forward-thinking PR and Communications Agency in Africa.  If you are still mulling at what time to begin doing business in any of Africa’s biggest markets, that time is NOW. 

Why approach African Consultants? 

Consultants deeply rooted across the length and breadth of Africa are well disposed to support the management your business in the continent. This is because they understand the terrains, and the problems your business intends to solve. These consultants are men on the ground that have the navigating compass to drive the growth of your brand to tremendous heights. As you look forward to working with consultants, rest assured that Djembe Consultants runs the best PR Consultancy in Africa and the Middle East. 

Elevate your communication strategy with the best PR agency in Africa See how it works. 


Chitra Rawat  

Project Manager — Internet Marketing, Whitevox 

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