Building an Afropolitan Brand

On the verge of a rebrand, more in line with their Afropolitan identity, African Regent Hotel tasked Djembe with performing a full website, social and consumer media audit in order to gauge sentiment of the brand within the Ghanaian market. Djembe’s research team conducted a deep dive into existing information, both on traditional and online channels, to determine reputational strengths, risks, issues and opportunities impacting the hotel’s communications needs.

With this insight, Djembe worked closely with the hotel’s top management team to conceptualize and execute a new website that spoke directly to African Regent’s audiences but at the same time, was on trend and up to international standards.

Through this process, the hotel’s brand awareness sky-rocketed, placing them at the top of the Google search page with twice the number of website visitors within the first month.

Strategic Execution by Djembe

  • Developed quantitative surveys to be disseminated to African Regent’s clients to gather data about brand awareness and brand recognition
  • Audited web and social media channels to evaluate African Regent’s website functionality and social media presence
  • Conducted audit of traditional media to evaluate African Regent’s presence in the local media
  • Conceptualized, developed and launched a new website for African Regent Hotel
  • Conducted in-house training for top management for website updates
  • Created client user manual for ongoing website updates and edits

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