Nurturing African Innovation

Fábrica de Sabão is Angola’s first innovation Hub aimed at nurturing an ecosystem to foster innovation-led education, creativity and entrepreneurship amongst impoverished Angolans. The Hub comprises five main pillars: Co-working space, Incubator, Accelerator, MakerSpace and Cultural Connector. There is also a space to move niche Angolan enterprises from incubation to launch.

Djembe was tasked to develop the Hub’s positioning and to engage stakeholders as part of the Hub’s long-term development strategy.

Strategic Execution by Djembe

  • Engaged Angolan media to create a following of knowledgeable reporters
  • Targeted Pan-African media including Tier 1 publications and niche market media
  • Mobilized local communities through the organization of events and workshops such as Open Days, Ambassador visits and innovation & entrepreneurship forums
  • Established a wide network of local, regional and international innovation influencers
  • Increased visibility through launch and ongoing management of social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • Designed Hub short films, visuals and infographics to optimize engagement for each social media platform

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