Supporting Social Impact Development

Djembe supported the FSDEA’s launch, creating visibility for its Social Impact Program for Angola (SIPA). Djembe identified social programs and aid agency partners for the FSDEA to support that were aligned with its development mandate to reach communities across Angola.

Djembe also built a comprehensive communications program around four key strategic themes – Education, Access to Clean Water, Healthcare and Innovation, which were fully aligned to the stated FSDEA investment policy as well.

Strategic Execution by Djembe

  • Organized field visits for Angolan media and stakeholders to inform the wider public about SIPA
  • Facilitated roundtables with community leaders to discuss their challenges and identify ways to support them
  • Created rich strategic content and strong visuals for use on FSDEA communication vehicles – FSDEA Story (message material), Newsletter, FSDEA Quarterly Magazine Todos, FSDEA website section ‘Social Charter’, with thematic research and background materials, press releases and more
  • Developed dynamic infographics showcasing the success and results of SIPA

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