Demonstrating Collaborative Development Impact

For ITFC, which is a retainer Djembe client, one critical component ITFC African communications strategy is to leverage existing ITFC partners to further highlight ITFC’s role in specific collaborative projects. The OCP School Lab was launched in Senegal in November 2019 by OCP Africa, an organization established in 2016 to contribute to the sustainable development of African agriculture. The school lab was launched to improve agriculture producers’ technical knowledge and productivity though better management of soil fertilization as a collaboration between ITFC and OCP Africa under the Arab-Africa Trade Bridges (AATB) Program.

Djembe’s recommendation was to strategically tie ITFC’s overall mission to the OCP School Lab as a means of showcasing ITFC’s development impact in the agriculture sector in Africa. Djembe leveraged strong media relations in place for ITFC to promote the launch of the school lab as well as a tailored digital campaign aimed at generating a deeper understanding of the purpose of the school lab. Since then, 1,500 soil samples have been taken with 4,833 agriculture producers directly impacted across 4 administrative regions in Senegal, with 48 training sessions completed.

Strategic Execution by Djembe

  • Conducted messaging and positioning workshops with top RA executives to develop a messaging handbook for use by RA senior executives
  • Engaged international and Pan-African media via issues-related thought leadership articles and interviews
  • Developed branded tools such as infographics, employee testimonials and CEO quotes
  • Created social media content for RA’s business-critical community management program
  • Devised and implemented LinkedIn campaign for recruitment purposes including drafting of employee blogs and testimonials

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